Promoting Blackball Pool Worldwide

Twitter accounts worldwide are now promoting World Pool Association (WPA) blackball pool !

There is a Twitter campaign with the aim of increasing awareness of blackball pool and encouraging participation in the "small table" pool game throughout the world.
Twitter and Facebook users show their support for the game by adding a banner to their profile picture.

Just log into your Twitter (or Facebook) account before clicking this link.
A couple of further clicks on and that's the blackball pool banner added to your page.
It's as easy as that to help promote Blackball Pool.
As you can see the banner is inserted at the foot of your existing image and takes up little space.
If in the future you should decide to change your profile picture the blackball banner can easily be re-inserted.

The account @blackballpool co-ordinates the twitter campaign and that twitter account will follow all other accounts which promote the sport of blackball.
All tweets (worldwide) which include both of the hashtags #blackball and #pool will be retweeted. And there are now so many accounts supporting blackball that you can be sure your tweets including those hashtags will be extensively retweeted.
Examples of twitter accounts displaying blackball banners include European Blackball, Blackball Rules and Scottish Pool. In fact the blackball banner has now been added to twitter sites on over 100 occasions... and there are many thousands of blackball pool enthusiasts and followers using twitter!
So whether a blackball player, pool team, major organisation, league, cue sports venue or event organiser it really does make sense to take advantage of the additional publicity which can be gained through participation in the blackball twitter campaign.

Here's a useful overview of Blackball History and Rules which takes the form of an eBay guide.

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