Blackball Twitter Accounts

Those involved with blackball pool all too often fail to appreciate just how much twitter could help them promote their sport.
A twitter account provides a means for blackball organisations, leagues, venues, event organisers and players to share news and information with a potential audience of millions!
The use of social media continues to grow apace and no more so than twitter on mobile devices. Using a phone to send or receive up-to-the-minute pool news, images or video couldn't be easier.

To provide a flavour of what's available opposite is a collage of images resulting from a search on twitter using the two hashtags #blackball #pool. When tweeting it's helpful to include those keywords to assist other twitter users find the blackball pool tweets in which they are interested.

The following are just a few of the numerous twitter accounts which now promote the game of blackball...

This twitter account was opened in 2009.
It serves blackball pool worldwide.
Use both #blackball and #pool in your posts to ensure they are retweeted by @blackballpool.
The account also leads a campaign with the objective of promoting blackball and encouraging unification of the game.
Twitter users can show their support by adding a small banner to their profile picture.

Supplements the twitter account @blackballpool. There's a link to a poster setting out official World Pool Association blackball rules from 2005.
The file is suitable for printing as an A3 size document.

It is disappointing that a member of the European Blackball Association executive declared the organisation had no interest in maintaining a twitter account. A third party has consequently been updating this account for some 5 years with blackball news and links to EBA website articles.

The "Scottish Blackball" twitter account was originally intended to cover only blackball pool in Scotland. Now, with around 4000 followers, the account promotes other cue sports.
It also provides links to articles within this blog.

This is a "Scottish Pool" account supporting and promoting all pool organisations, leagues, venues and players within Scotland. However the content does include numerous links and news relating to the Scottish Pool Association and its affiliated leagues. Around 30 of these leagues have twitter accounts, although not all are regularly updated by league representatives.

As his twitter page says, Bill Hunter updates this blog (occasionally) plus a number of twitter accounts including @blackballpool, @ebapool, @blackballme and @scottish8ball.
Contact Bill by direct message on twitter.

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