Scottish Pool Association Logo

A simple thistle has been the choice of Scottish Pool Association logo for many years.
Is it time for something new?
A logo is defined as a recognisable and distinctive graphic design for identifying an organisation.
With the present design there is nothing to identify the SPA as a pool or even, for that matter, a cue sports organisation.
The design opposite is a proposal for a new logo.

This logo could be suitable for websites, documents and embroidery and includes several important elements. It contains the red and yellow of pool balls, a black eightball, the outline of a thistle and the blue of St.Andrew's flag with a white cross.
If wished custom text could be added as shown here :

If this logo, or something similar, is adopted by the Scottish Pool Association a variety of image sizes and formats could be made available. Also images could be created as required with different colours of background.
It is perhaps also possible that using such a logo enamel medals could be manufactured, perhaps as an alternative to trophies. Would they be popular? They would undoubtedly reduce costs.
There are many websites advertising the manufacture of custom made medals and badges.

Finally here's a graphic without the background shading shown in those above.
Customised images with a league, team or player name added can be created in any file format.

Note : The above logos were submitted to the Scottish Pool Association in January 2014 for their consideration, with an explanation that these were just initial proposals and images could be tweaked or alternative designs submitted.
No acknowledgement or response was ever received from the SPA executive.

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