The Supervillain Eightball-Man

Who is eightball-man?
His true identity is secret but we do know that he displays all of the negative traits of a supervillain. A malevolent character who is the antithesis of a superhero. A psychopath who uses his super-powers for selfish and ruthless purposes.

Eightball-man wields a pool cue designed to magnify any force applied to it more than a thousandfold and then transmit that destructive power to everything it strikes.
He will react violently when his commands are disobeyed or he does not get his own way. With delusional fantasies of wealth and world domination he is only too willing to misuse his cue-power to promote and implement his chaotic, self-indulgent plans.

Whilst travelling alone eightball-man crouches astride a giant hovering 8ball but when accompanied by his servile followers the preferred method of transport is a jet-propelled racking triangle. His head is bullet-proof. His dull-witted henchmen throw grenades in the shape of red and yellow pool balls causing widespread confusion and mayhem.

What happened when eightball-man met George ?

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