Scottish Pool Results Archive

The following provides an index of pages within this website which list players and teams who were winners and runners-up in Scotland's national pool events.
The events covered for individual players date back to 1980 and include the Scottish singles, ladies, specials, youth and juniors tournaments.
There are winners from the Scottish Pool Association's Individual Membership competition from 2002. Team events include the Super 11s and 15s.
It remains work in progress and any assistance from Scottish players in providing missing data would be greatly appreciated.
Just click the links below for each archive...

Major Events Honours by Year IM 2002-09 IM 2010-14
Scottish Singles
Ladies Singles
SPA Specials
Youth and Juniors
SPA Super 11s
SPA Super 15s

SPA Honours 2012
SPA Honours 2011
SPA Honours 2009
SPA Honours 2008
SPA Honours 2007
SPA Honours 2006
SPA Honours 2005

SPA IM 2009
SPA IM 2008
SPA IM 2007
SPA IM 2006
SPA IM 2005
SPA IM 2004
SPA IM 2003
SPA IM 2002
SPA IM 2014
SPA IM 2013
SPA IM 2012
SPA IM 2011
SPA IM 2010

The Scottish pool results archive is also indexed to the right of this web page. Individual pages can also be conveniently viewed on mobile phone displays by heading to on your mobile browser.

Thanks must go to Pat Holtz for the compilation and provision of the extensive spreadsheets from which much of the content of these individual pages has been extracted.


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