Eightball-Man Meets George

Eightball-man is furious that evil rival George, from planet Wepf, does not understand the rules of blackball pool and decides to teach him a lesson.
When confronted the terrified George grovels before eightball-man and pleads to be spared. George begs to be taught blackball rules and to have the intricacies of the 'combination shot' fully explained to him.
Ignoring his pleas for mercy the ruthless eightball-man destroys George and with him, he hopes, the entire Wepf empire.
Is eightball-man now ruler of the pooliverse ?

Who is eightball-man? Is he human?
It's likely he is human but no-one is certain of his true identity, although many players do have their suspicions.
Check out a brief description of this supervillain and find out more about his destructive powers and those of his fawning sidekicks.

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