Scottish Pool Association SPA Survey

This survey asks you to share your views about how the Scottish Pool Association (SPA) is organised and run.
The SPA is Scotland's governing body for the game of blackball pool.
The survey is intended only for completion by Scottish blackball players who have competed in events run by the SPA or who play in affiliated pool leagues.

This survey may be completed below or as a full screen view on a computer or mobile phone.
Please see further notes at the foot of this page about responses and the analysis of results.

This survey has only recently been added. Basic results are summarised online.
As soon as sufficient number of players have completed the survey the data will be comprehensively analysed and results published.
The officials of the Scottish Pool Association will of course welcome independent surveys such as these and be eager to discover how their organisation's performance is rated by its members.

Similar surveys have also been compiled to assess the performance of the governing bodies of blackball pool in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. These can be found on the website Blackball.UK plus much more of interest to players of this cue sport.

Blackball Rules Visual Guide

The following is a comprehensive visual guide to blackball pool rules as sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiards Association and as played throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide.
From the opening break to the completion of a frame this provides a colourful exposition of general play, legal and illegal shots, play resulting in fouls and loss of frame, combination shots and more.

 1. Setting Up Balls And Breaking Off
Rack the balls with the black ball positioned at the intersection of two imaginary diagonal lines. The lag winner decides who breaks. Opposing players break alternately in successive frames.
Position the cue ball anywhere within baulk. The centre of the cue ball may be placed directly above the baulk line.

Blackball Pool Rules Posters

Blackball Pool 'A3' Rule sheets are available for purchase from this page and on
You'll find below a detailed description including pricing... plus a Paypal 'Buy Now' option.

These blackball pool rule sheets are priced at 99p each and can be posted UK-wide.
Here are some further details and images ...

Blackball Events Calendar

Scottish Blackball Pool events, plus events throughout the United Kingdom and further afield, which will be of interest to many blackball pool players.
These are listed in chronological order and include Scottish Tours and Scottish Pool Association events for individuals and teams.
Included are international and world tournaments at amateur and professional levels.

Note... click on the event heading to see further details about each event where available.
To clear the event description click on that heading again and view the complete list.

European Championships 2016 : Team Scotland

The Scottish Pool Association have selected the following players to represent ''Team Scotland' in the 2016 European Blackball Championships.

Baize of Glory : A History of East Fife Pool League

The Chairman of one of the oldest pool leagues in Scotland has written a book charting the organisation from its beginnings in 1973 up to the present day.

The East of Fife Pool League chairman, Gary Bremner, has delved back in time and assembled a publication full of statistics from throughout the league’s forty-three years.
He has interviewed dozens of players from the "guy down the pub" to a World Pool Champion... all of whom have played within the organisation!